Every Day I Search for Reporting of the Facts

I’m very frustrated. Puzzled. We have countless reporters wanting to report on what happened in Newtown, CT. I hear that members of the small town are begging for relief from them, asking them to show some restraint. There’s no question that there’s no shortage of reporters. What I don’t understand is why there’s no actual information about what happened.

Every day I run searches online, looking to see if even one more little fact has been revealed, but what I do fined has to be gleaned from within descriptive pieces about the lives of the people who have been impacted by this disaster. I want everyone’s stories to be told, but I don’t think we should be relying on these people to explain the facts to us. Their primary job right now is putting their families and their lives back together the best they can.

I wake up every day thinking about this. I think about it all throughout the day. It is very heavy upon me.

Here’s the questions I search for answers on every single day. I think these questions could and should be answered with some very basic reporting, and when these answers start to come, I will begin to feel a little bit firmer footing around this horror, because the fact that no one seems to be doing their job around gathering and producing simple information on this is really bothering me.

  • Was Adam Lanza wearing body armor or simply black clothing? (have seen nothing official on this)
  • Was Adam Lanza wearing a face mask? (have seen nothing official on this)
  • Did Adam Lanza shoot to get in, or was he granted admission? (I heard he shot his way in, but then heard that it was the police who did that)
  • Was Adam Lanza diagnosed with anything that would relate to what he did?
  • Was Adam Lanza treated by any mental health professional who would have facts about his mental health?
  • What is Nancy Lanza’s biography? No matter what your perspective on her, she had a significant role, and she led a fairly normal life, so there must be facts available about her. What was her maiden name? Where and when did she graduate high school and college? What was her degree? Can we put together a more complete picture of who this woman was? Do we have more than 2 photographs from her lifetime? HS photos? Wedding photos?
  • Did she obtain the guns for herself, or for Adam?
  • Did she generally secure the guns in her house at all? Does anyone know this?
  • Was Nancy really planning to have Adam committed? Or move to Washington State? or No?

These are just the questions bothering me the most, all day every day. If someone knows of links with some of these answers, please post in comments!!! I’m sure once these answers are available, I will think of more.

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